At Plethora, our unique software uses your CAD models developed on traditional CAM software to elevate your project to the next level of CNC machining services. This process enables us to deliver immediate manufacturability feedback and pricing while also determining the most efficient means of producing each part.

Our History at Plethora

Plethora was founded in 2013 by Nick Pinkston and Jeremy Herrman, with a mission to make manufacturing more accessible to those needing high-quality machined parts.

Plethora moved to San Francisco in 2014 and soon produced its first part. The company quickly established itself as a go-to resource for tech companies and startups producing new hardware. In 2015 we released the beta version of our manufacturing software and expanded facilities and staff to meet increasing demand.

Plethora expanded into a 57,000 square foot facility in Georgia in 2019, significantly improving its capacity. Today, with locations on both coasts, Plethora serves customers across the United States in various industries, including robotics, automotive, aerospace, and consumer packaged goods.

Plethora’s CNC Machining Services

The downloadable add-in for Plethora’s manufacturing software works in conjunction with your CAD software and provides real-time pricing and manufacturing feedback as you design.

Plethora’s online quoting system allows you to upload your CAD model to our system easily. Once uploaded, the software is analyzed for manufacturability with immediate feedback reported back to you. If the part passes the evaluation, you can complete the process by specifying materials and quantities for your order. Once you place your order, your design enters our system, automatically determining how to manufacture the part. By automating the entire process, we’re able to offer a faster turnaround at an affordable cost. After we machine your part, our technicians inspect it for accuracy and finish it cosmetically before shipping it back.


Plethora’s a great place to work, with competitive benefits and an engaging workplace.

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