6 Common Mistakes in Designing for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a mentality that should be ever-present in the minds of designers - it is a constant vigilance to design parts with their future manufacturing requirements in mind. By taking this into consideration early on, it’s less likely that you’ll have to return to your design for drastic changes later, potentially saving both time and money. Plethora’s CAD add-in...
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Exploring Internal Corners & Tool Accessibility

You’ll often encounter inside corners when designing parts for milling.  Two common situations in which this may occur are while designing parts that mate together and when adding a slot for something to move along. Ensuring your parts can fit together can be way more complicated than you’d think. Of course, the easiest solution is to avoid inside corners altogether, but for the sake of this...

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Working with Acetal

Plethora now offers acetal, also known as Delrin® 150 or acetal homopolymer, as a material option for our milling service. This page covers tips for designing acetal parts and some properties of acetal as a material.

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How to Get CAD Software for Mechanical Design (Free or for Cheap)

Here at Plethora we believe that everyone should have access to the tools they need to create the things they want to see in the world and we’re building a manufacturing system to help realize this vision. We want to give people the power to start with an idea, instantly get feedback on manufacturability and price, and receive their parts as fast as possible.

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Announcing the Plethora CAD Add-in 2.0

Our goal at Plethora is to be the easiest way to turn your CAD designs into parts. We’ve been hard at work since we launched our beta last May, and we’re excited to announce version 2.0 of our Plethora CAD Add-in. The add-in for Solidworks and Inventor gives you instant pricing and manufacturing feedback as you design. This update brings a brand new user interface and improved...

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