Additive versus Subtractive Manufacturing

There are many different manufacturing processes and tools available, but when it comes to analyzing the categories, Additive versus Subtractive Manufacturing is a great place to start. Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing) has become hugely popular and prevalent in hardware businesses in recent years. With an influx of new tools to use, it’s now worth considering which is best...

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Rapid Prototyping: Steel 101

Steel is an incredibly popular material, and for good reason: it comes in a huge variety of types with different specialities, a wide range of costs, and material properties. Steel is used everywhere around you: in the cars, bikes, and trains you ride along with the offices, homes and gyms you work in. Despite increased popularity of materials such as aluminum, steel is still used in a myriad...

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$26 Million Lost: Why Crowdfunded Hardware Projects Fail

About 9% of funded Kickstarter campaigns fail to deliver on their promises, and hardware projects have a special set of challenges that project creators have difficulty overcoming. While software teams can release a minimum viable product, then iterate and improve upon it, hardware teams have less room for iteration once they ship their device.

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Day of Making

Every quarter, Plethora holds a “Day of Making” where employees teach classes, work on personal projects, and collaborate on group tasks. In the past, we’ve made bike parts, caroling mills, lost wax-cast sculptures, tables, planters, bartending robots, and much more. Here are a few projects from our most recent Day of Making:

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How to Design a Turner's Cube

A turner’s cube is a classic machinist’s exercise that involves constructing multiple cubes inside of one another. This effect is achieved by boring holes of decreasing size and increasing depth to reveal each cube as the layers of material are stripped away.

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DIY: Bottle-Opening Wallet Prototype

My name is Ian Galipeau and I've been working for Plethora for a few weeks at the time of this writing. The main reason for this post is to let you in on a quick view of what Plethora can do. I've always been into making things; tables, wood bowls, race cars, and custom billiard cues. As someone who loves to build things, it isn't always easy to access the equipment that you need in order to...

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