Plethora is proud to make all of our parts right here, in the USA. 


Great strides in manufacturing technology, together with our proprietary software, has made domestic production more affordable than ever.

In fact, sourcing parts in the United States often makes more sense for enterprise companies for several reasons. 

Delivery Speed


At the top of the list is speed. Getting parts, either prototype or production, in days instead of weeks (or months) enables product teams to iterate faster and, ultimately, get to market more quickly.


Inventory Management

Domestic production also allows enterprise companies to carry less inventory. Just-in-time delivery ensures parts are available if and when needed. Freight and shipping costs can be reduced. There are fewer concerns about exchange rates and other import/export fees.


Georgia and California

Plethora operates two manufacturing facilities in the United States: our primary manufacturing facility just outside of Atlanta and our corporate headquarters and R&D center in San Francisco.

Between these two facilities, we are able to deliver parts anywhere in the nation overnight. In addition to our own facilities, we work with qualified local vendors for logistics, sourcing, secondary operations, finishing, and more. 

We’re proud to be investing in our American manufacturing. We’re at the forefront of seeing how those investments benefit our economy as a whole.