The recent advances in new and emerging technologies have resulted in an unprecedented flood of product development. Original equipment manufacturers pioneer these new products and the tools and equipment to build and support them. All of this innovation has increased the need to manufacture high-quality parts, and OEMs rely on the precision of CNC turning services to supply the demand.

Machine shops use CNC turning and CNC milling as standard manufacturing processes to quickly fabricate parts with precise dimensions and tolerances. At Plethora, our skilled machinists use industrial-grade CNC lathes to produce parts of the highest quality. We also continually improve our processes and procedures to serve both the prototype and regular production needs of companies. The following includes highlights of our CNC turning services.

Manufacturing Precision Parts with CNC Turning

CNC lathes fabricate, or “turn,” cylindrical parts by removing material from the workpiece in what is known as a subtractive manufacturing process. The lathe rotates the workpiece on a spindle while a cutting tool moves radially and lengthwise to remove material from its exterior. A drill can also remove material from the center of the workpiece. Some lathes include milling equipment known as “live tooling” that will cut a path in the workpiece once the spindle stops rotating for more complex work.

Lathes can trace their history to turned wooden objects discovered from the 6th century BC. The lathe later played a crucial role in the industrial revolution, where it was foundational to the invention of other machine tools. Like milling machines, lathes have improved over time with different power, precision, control, and tooling modes. With the implementation of computer numeric control (CNC) systems, the lathe has become one of the most heavily relied-on tools for precision manufacturing.

Some of the advantages and industries CNC turning is associated with include:



Precision fabrication:

Standard tolerances as tight as +/- 0.08mm


Cylinder flow channel, valve seats, armatures


Detailed inspection and QA procedures


Cooling tubes, pressure valves, and regulators

Fast processing:

Turn around in as little as three days

Medical equipment:

Drug dispensers, prostheses, surgical screws

Minimal setup:

Smart factory software minimizes setup time


Shafts, suspension components, brake discs 


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The Capabilities of CNC Turning Services at Plethora


CNC turning yields high-quality results at tight tolerances and uses a large variety of materials for part fabrication. Here at Plethora, we stock many standard materials that our customers need to build parts as quickly as possible. Additionally, we offer material certification for industries like aerospace that require testing validation.

We have the ability to special order materials, but some of the materials that we provide on hand include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Plastics including ABS, ACETAL, HDPE, and Nylon

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At Plethora, our auto DFM tools will immediately analyze your part when you upload a design on our website. Our intelligent software will consider over 1200 different tools to either mill or turn your design as part of the analysis. While we do most of our work on standard CNC lathes, we also provide “mill-turning,” which uses lathes combined with live tooling. These machines function like standard CNC lathes, with the added ability to drill holes or cut paths with the milling attachments.

Here are some of the tolerances that our CNC lathes will hold:


Minimum part size:

⌀ 3.175mm x 15.875mm

Maximum part size:

⌀ 254mm x 304.8mm

Standard metal tolerances:

± 0.08mm

Standard plastic tolerances:

± 0.13mm


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Providing you with the best CNC machining services in the industry to ensure the success of your project is one of the core values at Plethora. Our production facilities, processes, procedures, and our business model are all designed to support the following:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Lower costs
  • Design analysis
  • Quality
  • Real-time pricing
  • Manual review

With the array of manufacturing services that we have to offer, you can trust that we will fabricate your parts correctly according to your specifications and requirements.

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