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🎓 Indiegogo is hosting a webinar on hardware crowdfunding
tomorrow from 11 to noon PST. If you’re trying to bring an idea to market, this is the perfect time to learn how.

☂️ Marion Rankine explores how bigotry, urban design, and class warfare shaped the
history of the umbrella.

🚪 In 2003, mechanical engineer Steve Humble quit his job designing medical surgical lasers to design and
build secret rooms.

Miura-ori, a tessellated origami pattern traditionally used for storing solar panel arrays in spacecraft, is now being studied through the lense of statistical mechanics

🆒 Stanford researchers have developed a reversible material that cools or warms you depending on its direction, expanding your range of comfortable temperatures by about
11.5 degrees Fahrenheit.


Urban manufacturing is on the rise in the Bay Area, with more than 7,500 companies representing 10% of the local workforce.

🏭 Last week, Tesla bought manufacturing automation company Perbix as part of its effort to climb out of Model 3
production hell.

⚙️ Advances in polymers have created plastic gear solutions that are superior to metal gears in some applications. Brian Dengel wrote an
insightful article on their benefits and drawbacks.

🎷 In 1983, Sesame Street rolled out this delightful clip
on saxophone manufacturing, accompanied by - of course - a saxophone.

🛠 Watch this Croatia-based designer/builder create this
beautiful curved bench from scratch. (The rest of his woodworking videos are pretty great, too.)


🚗 Autonomous cars
just 10% better than human drivers could save hundreds of thousands of lives, but they could also deepen economic inequality and drive the growth of megacities.

🚨 The Chinese government is working with Tencent to build an
unmanned police station / DMV office in Wuhan.

⚖️ All Things Considered takes a look at the impact automation has been having
on legal work in recent years.


🤝 Startup Embodied, founded by researchers from Berkeley and OpenAI, came out of stealth this week with the aim of helping robots
get a grip.

☠ Ford is
testing exoskeletons for its factory workers to aid in lifting loads, assist in overhead tasks, and ease strain on users’ upper bodies.

👀 Veo Robotics is working to turn legacy industrial robots into modern-day cobots by
letting them see.

📈 The market for humanoid robots is set to
grow ten times by 2023 - an expected market of $3.9 billion.

🤖 John Pavlus interviews
Christoph Salge, the NYU researcher who wants to rework Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.


Intel and AMD are teaming up to take on Nvidia with a tiny CPU/GPU combo. In other news, pigs have taken to the skies.

💽 November 6th marked the
30th birthday of RAID, the storage solution that transformed computing.

🖨 Researchers at the University of Nottingham have developed a new method for 3D printing
fully functional circuits.

⚡️ Liyan Gong put together a handy list of
9 technologies you can use to prototype your electronic hardware product.

🖥 Steven Dufresne tracks the development of the
integrated circuit, from minimizing the number of hardware components to developing new insulation techniques.


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- Nick Pinkston & Katie Hoban


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