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🛠 Nick and Jer started Plethora at TechShop Pittsburgh in 2013. We’re incredibly sad to be
saying goodbye to this pillar of the Maker community.

🔩 Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is hosting the Silicon Valley Hardware Meetup
on December 6th at their shop in Sunnyvale.

💠 Russia-based CAD company LEDAS just released a 3D modeling cloud platform that supports real-time,
in-browser collaboration.

📐 Industrial designer Eric Strebel demonstrates his process for
low-volume manufacturing with vacuum-formed panels for a car show display.

💉 Anna Young speaks on how
empowering nurses to become Makers can help democratize medical innovation.


🔥 Popular Mechanics ran a great piece on Nicolas Wicks, a 29 year-old blacksmith with a metalworking heritage and a passion for building
custom music stands.

💓 Dean Kamen is working to bring the 3D manufacturing of
human organs from the lab to the factory.

🏭 UCSB researchers believe that climate change could
hinder production in Chinese factories by the middle of the 21st century.

👝 Take a look at the colorful world of
zipper manufacturing.

♻️ Skram is a North Carolina-based furniture company with a penchant for sustainable manufacturing. This Design Milk article tracks how their new line of side tables were
designed and made.


🚫 Emily and Michael Hamilton argue that cities
should not be designed for autonomous vehicles, as AVs’ ability to operate by relying on one another will outpace infrastructure projects.

💼 The Center for the Future of Work just released an interesting new report on
21 new jobs they expect to see by 2028.

📊 Richard Florida writes on the geography, demography, and industry of America’s
digitalization divide.

🚗 How will Arizona’s
urban and legislative landscapes be shaped by self-driving cars?


🌉 The guys who orchestrated the giant robot duel with Japan are planning to host the first
live giant robot tournament in San Francisco next year.

🤸‍♀️ If you haven’t already seen Boston Dynamics’ 330 lb Atlas robot doing backflips, you should
check it out.

🐝 Robotanica creator Arjen Bangma believes that wild robots could
replace vanishing species to help restore damaged ecosystems.

🤖 Baidu just announced a new smart speaker and interactive home robot:
Raven H.

📉 Jobs are not created or lost because of a single technology, but because of the
business models designed to leverage the power of technology.


Metal-air battery research was abandoned in the 1980s due to insurmountable technical difficulties, but their high theoretical energy density is drawing scientists back in.

👕 Researchers are creating new fabrics that can store
energy and data.

💡 Scientists from Northwestern are studying the the root causes of cascading
power grid failures.

💻 A Cambridge team has created a nanoscale magnetic circuit capable of moving information through
three-dimensional space.


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- Nick Pinkston & Katie Hoban


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