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🏎 Take a look at how the design of the
Porsche 911 has evolved over the past 50 years.

☠️ CB Insights looked through a database of failed consumer hardware startups to better understand
where things went wrong.

🖨 3D Hubs just released their new
2018 3D Printer Guide.

💠 Researchers are working to design
new metal alloys using engineered nanostructures.

🛣 If you want to build longer-lasting roads,
just add graphene.


👗 Researchers at the University of Sussex have found that, despite some recent improvements, ‘
fast fashion’ is still putting the health and well-being of garment workers at risk.

🌾 These young inventors from Benin are building custom
agricultural processing machines.

🔨 Check out the story of
Wayne Price, a master wood carver who overcame his struggle with substance abuse through craft.

🏺 Here’s how to make your loved ones a
custom concrete dish this holiday season.

📸 Rain Noe gives a
photo-heavy review of Tools for Working Wood’s “Master Dovetailing” class.


🚗 We’ve seen
endless predictions about how driverless cars will lead to the death of distance. Richard Florida argues that every one of them has been wrong.

🚙 MIT researchers are taking a look at how
humans kinda sorta drive in self-driving cars.

🛒 Walmart, which recently began a trial of shelf-scanning robots, is now testing self-driving,
floor-scrubbing robots as well.

🍽 A hackathon team from Imperial College London has taken the first steps towards developing a
robot restaurant.

🏗 Caterpillar has funded a robot that can lay more than
one thousand bricks an hour.


🥘 Watch this drone
cook Thanksgiving dinner, from potato-peeling propellers to deep fryer air-drops.

Drones are becoming a crucial tool for engineers in various sectors, from farming and entertainment to insurance and manufacturing.

🔫 UC Berkeley professor Stuart Russell shows how far
weaponized microdrones have already come, and what consequences their future use could have.

💗 A team of scientists has developed a “
half-hearted” robotic solution to augment cardiac function in isolated right or left heart failure.

🤖 Toyota is getting back into humanoid robots with the
virtually inhabitable T-HR3.


📖 The Kindle launched 10 years ago last Monday. Learn about the design process of its last 16 generations from
Lab126’s VP of Design.

Digital opioids powered by stomach acid could help doctors better monitor prescription painkiller use.

🔋 Swiss researchers have developed an initial prototype of a
solid sodium battery.

〰 Could
graphene ripples be tapped into as a clean, limitless energy source?

📈 An international team of researchers has discovered a new dopant that makes organic semiconductors
a million times more conductive.


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