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πŸ’‘ The invention gap: children from families in the top income percentile are
10 times as likely to have filed for a patent than those from below median income families.

🍷 Over the past three centuries, wine glass size has increased
almost sevenfold.

πŸš‚ Hardware heroes:
Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a mid-19th century engineer whose work in construction and transportation shaped the UK.

πŸ–¨ Researchers from Zhejiang University and LLNL are taking novel approaches to 3D printing with
inclined layer printing and volumetric 3D printing.


🏭 AI expert Andrew Ng is turning his eye toward manufacturing with his new startup,

UPS and SAP are teaming up to launch a 3D printing business for spare parts.

πŸ— After natural disasters, building materials manufacturers scramble to meet
400% spikes in demand. Digital tools help them respond to these unpredictable situations.

🀝 Researchers at NTU Athens are prototyping adaptive techniques for
human-robot collaboration in manufacturing using virtual reality.

🌳 Take a look at the
creation process of the gorgeous clay animals and trees in the Forming Fables design series.


🚫 China has been very progressive in supporting some aspects of automation - Alibaba will soon sell cars with a
vehicle vending machine, for instance - but foreign car companies are currently banned from thoroughly mapping Chinese roads in the name of national security.

πŸš— Shared autonomous vehicles could have a slew of positive effects, but if their ease of use results in a large increase in the amount people travel, there could be
new problems to solve.

πŸŽ“ Government investment in education and training programs could usher in a
prosperous automation age.

πŸ‘ Don’t worry - when the robots take your job, you can use your
body heat to mine cryptocurrencies.


πŸ€– Electric cars are
impressive as hell, but they’re just the beginning. Robots are fueling the quiet ascendance of the electric motor.

πŸ– Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a
Luke Skywalker-caliber prosthetic arm that detects residual muscle activity accurately enough to have fully-controllable fingers.

Humanoid robot HUBO carried the Olympic torch through a brick wall in South Korea.

βš’ Queensland University of Technology researchers have developed new technology to help
underground mining vehicles navigate through dust, blurred cameras, and bad lighting.

πŸ‘Œ Researchers at Ben-Gurion University non-dexterous robotic grippers how to effectively regrasp objects through
in-hand reorientation.


πŸ”Œ UCSD professor Nicholas Abi-Samra is fighting to make the US power grid
more resilient.

πŸ’  An international team of researchers has opened up more electronic materials through a new
metal organic framework.

🍟 How long before sodium batteries are
worth their salt?

🍣 UofM and UCSD researchers have developed a new power source for medical implants inspired by the
electric eel.

πŸ”‹ Water-bearing compound β€œ
lithium titanate hydrate” is a promising new battery material with superfast charging and stable operation over many thousand cycles.


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