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HDDG is hosting a meetup next Thursday at Suppylframe’s SF office! If you’re into manufacturing automation or amatuer radio, you should check it out.

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🏎 An interesting study on the
current state of automotive technology (thank you Rielly Brennan), and some possibilities for its future.

🌱 Scientists from NTU Singapore and CMU have developed a way to
mimic organic growth in hydrogel.

📐 Product designer Cory Grossman gave an excellent talk at the Hackaday Superconference on the power of
emotional design.

🍽 The
first practical dishwasher was patented on December 28th, 1886 by Josephine Garis Cochrane, who went on to found KitchenAid.


🤝 As baby boomers leave the workforce and millennials begin to
take their place, the manufacturing industry is shifting.

🏭 Take a look inside the
Shenzhen factory where Sonoff IoT devices are made.

🍵 Make it so: the promise and peril of

👞 Vivian Saskia Wittmer, a cobbler in Florence, Italy, explains
how to make a shoe.

☕️ A close look at the innards of
Smit’s Moccamaster coffee maker.


📊 Robots could worsen the
gender pay gap by automating more women’s jobs than men’s.

🇸🇪 While many Americans are anxious about the future impacts of automation,
our Swedish counterparts are looking forward to it.

🚗 Companies developing autonomous vehicles currently use a range of different technologies, but
fragmentation in self-driving cars will eventually be a problem.

💸 Self-driving cars’ low cost-per-mile relative to that of vehicle ownership could
help the underprivileged better afford transportation. (from Benedict’s Newsletter)


🏠 Zenplace, a San Francisco real estate startup, is using
3-foot-tall robots to give home tours to prospective clients.

🐝 Meet the
Insectothopter, the CIA’s 1-gram dragonfly robot from the 19070s.

📸 The winners of the 4th annual
International Drone Photography Contest have been announced.

😍 You don’t need a PhD to grasp the anxieties around
sex robots - just turn on your TV.

💉 Alice Lloyd George did an excellent interview with Keller Rinaudo, the CEO of Zipline, whose drones now deliver
20% of the national blood supply in Rwanda.


💠 An international team of researchers has stumbled across a new kind o quantum material: a
Weyl-Kondo semimetal.

🔲 KAUST researchers have developed a Lego-like
building block assembly method for integrated circuits.

🕶 Yahya Tawil wrote an in-depth report on making, detecting, and avoiding
counterfeit parts.

🐈 A sweet end-of-year compilation from IEEE Spectrum:
Animals vs Electronics.

📺 Check out this neat
1950s television factory tour.


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