Posted March 13, 2016

Announcing the Plethora CAD Add-in 2.0

Our goal at Plethora is to be the easiest way to turn your CAD designs into parts. We’ve been hard at work since we launched our beta last May, and we’re excited to announce version 2.0 of our Plethora CAD Add-in. The add-in for Solidworks and Inventor gives you instant pricing and manufacturing feedback as you design. This update brings a brand new user interface and improved manufacturability checks, making the fastest way to order parts even easier.

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A New Way to Design and Order Parts

Today is March 14th, so let’s celebrate Pi Day by milling a pi symbol out of solid aluminum. We’ll use Solidworks to sketch and extrude pi:

Plethora Add-inWe start our model by creating a sketch with a text entity. The Plethora CAD Add-in is on the right side of the screen in the task pane area.
Plethora CAD add-in for analysisNow we extrude the sketch to make a solid body.

So we have our solid pi symbol - we’re all set to get this manufactured, right? Let’s check Plethora and see:

Plethora CAD add-in for production pricingThe Plethora CAD Add-in quickly analyzes the part for manufacturability issues.

Instantly, Plethora detects that the internal corners will prevent this part from being manufactured. To see the manufacturability issues highlighted on the part, just click on the checkbox to the right of the result. Now all we have to do is add fillets to those internal corners and we’re all set!

Automated CAD add-in for analysis, pricing and orderingFillets have been added to the part, and it now passes the manufacturability checks.

Manufacturability feedback during the design process helps you save hours or days lost to waiting for design feedback from machine shops. No more emailing back and forth to get a part manufactured - order easily from within CAD. The Plethora CAD Add-in has a direct line to our factory and knows exactly what we’re able to produce (Check out the details of our system here).

Never Wait on a Quote Again

We know how important quick feedback is when you’re on a tight deadline, which is why we give you a price instantly once your part passes our manufacturability checks.

Thanks to Plethora’s automated manufacturing process, you’re not limited by minimum order requirements - you can make just one part! The add-in gives you complete transparency in how changes in quantity and ship date affect pricing.

CAD add-in shipping and orderingEasily view quantity and ship date discounts.

Cut Parts Fast

Once you place an order, your design enters our system, which automatically determines how to manufacture your part. By automating the entire process, we’re able to offer faster turnaround at an affordable cost. After your part has been milled, our technicians inspect it for accuracy and a great cosmetic finish.

Plethora parts

What’s coming in 2016?

  • Larger parts: This is our number one request, and we’re on the case!
  • Higher complexity geometry: We’ll enable side features and much more.
  • More materials: We’ll be offering new metals and plastics beyond our favorite 6061 aluminum.
  • More CAD systems: We want everyone to be able to use the system – stay tuned!
  • Faster turnaround: Quicker production and expedited shipping

We’d love to hear from you – if you have any questions or feature requests, drop us a line at, and tell us how we can best accommodate your needs.

Try out the Plethora CAD Add-in today by signing up at!

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