Posted July 11, 2017

Day of Making

Every quarter, Plethora holds a “Day of Making” where employees teach classes, work on personal projects, and collaborate on group tasks. In the past, we’ve made bike parts, caroling mills, lost wax-cast sculptures, tables, planters, bartending robots, and much more. Here are a few projects from our most recent Day of Making:


The Intro to Electronics class covered everything from soldering to understanding how currents vary between different types of motors.


Product Line Manager Natalie hypnotizes Nick, our CEO, with an oxy/acetylene welding torch. You can see some of her awesome wire sculpture work on the table.


The tablesaw and X-Carve are both running full-force to build a hydroponic plant wall frame.


While part of the team works on the frame, Sean and Dawn build and program the plant wall’s temperature and humidity sensors.


The completed plant wall! It looks like we’ll have to wait a little while for the plants to come in, though.


Practical projects abound, too! Jayme works on a patch for her torn duffel bag with our new sewing machine.

Plethora’s here to help you build your projects, and we think it’s important to help our employees build theirs, too. On top of our quarterly Day of Making, we hold weekly “Workshop Wednesdays” to provide training on new tools, and our shop is open every night for especially inventive employees.

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