Posted October 4, 2017

Kicking off Manufacturing Week with a Visit from SF Mayor Ed Lee


We were excited to host SF Mayor Ed Lee at Plethora last week! He discussed his upcoming plans for the city, and we shared the exciting initiatives we have on the horizon at Plethora. In addition to the Mayor, Todd Rufo, the Director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development attended the visit and discussed his department’s ongoing initiatives to continuously provide training to match the opportunities in San Francisco.

“It was great to have Mayor Ed Lee over at Plethora to talk about the future of manufacturing in San Francisco. We both agree that urban manufacturing is the future,” CEO Nick Pinkston said. “Especially in San Francisco, being close to top talent, customers, and the broader community really accelerates your business and makes a better environment for all hardware companies to thrive.”

After a presentation from and meeting with a few Plethorans on the company’s vision for manufacturing, Mayor Lee joined the team in the much anticipated Factory Tour.


One of Mayor Lee’s initiatives has been to increase local manufacturing in San Francisco. As he shared with everyone later in the afternoon, he wants to make Manufacturing the fourth source of revenue for the city, after tourism, tech and health and medical sciences. As we kick off National Manufacturing Week, one of the most important conversations we’re having at Plethora is how can we as a company give back and demonstrate our civic responsibility to the city’s workforce and talent. A big mission of ours is to continue to be a part of the maker movement inherent to San Francisco.

In addition to manufacturing, the Mayor talked about his plans to address housing and transportation--a plan to increase housing by 5000 units every year, as well as invest in newer buses and utilize data from Uber and Lyft to better understand and solve traffic congestion.

But perhaps the highlight of the visit was when Daniel Garcia (machinist) and Andy Cano (sales) pressed the Mayor on a special request. NBC recently announced a project to build a “Battle of the Bay” for the rivalry between the Oakland Athletics and the SF Giants. When asked if he’d support Plethora in the manufacturing of this trophy, Mayor Ed Lee said he would, indeed. He wants everyone to know that, “not only does [San Francisco] win the trophies, we make them here, too.”


After, the Mayor took a few more questions and addressed steps startups can take to benefit from the wealth of innovation and talent in the Silicon Valley, his favorite bike routes in the city (through the Golden Gate Park and across the bridge), and upcoming projects his staff has planned for public transportation.

As a parting gift, we gave Mayor Lee a custom golf divot tool designed and machined by our very own Ian Galipeau (customer support) and Julian Smiemans (machinist) -- something he could use for his upcoming golf tournament.




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