Posted February 29, 2016

The New Plethora

It’s been an exciting year at Plethora since we released our beta last May – we’ve grown our team, expanded our facilities, and upgraded our system. We’re focused on making Plethora the easiest way to turn CAD designs into physical parts. Our new system is much more robust and streamlined, and we are working hard to build the factory of the future.

How does it work?

Our CAD Add-in lives inside your CAD software and provides real-time pricing and manufacturing feedback as you design. Currently, we support Solidworks and Inventor and we are working on support for other platforms.

Once you place an order, your design enters our system, which automatically determines how to manufacture your part. By automating the entire process, we’re able to offer faster turnaround at an affordable cost. After your part has been milled, our technicians inspect it for accuracy and cosmetic finish.

What can Plethora make?

*** We have increased our capabilities since writing this post. Check out our current capabilities ***

Here’s the breakdown of what you can manufacture with Plethora:

  • Max Part Size: 5.5" × 3.25" × 1.23"
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish: All parts have an as-milled finish and are fully deburred for a smooth feel and good fitment.
  • Geometry: We support parts with front and back features that we can cut using an end-mill; we don’t support side operations or NURBS yet.
  • Holes: We support most common sizes of ANSI and metric drills and taps.

For more detail, check out our: Capabilities Page.

What’s coming in 2016?

For the rest of 2016, we’re building out our milling service to meet more of your needs. Here are the big things we’re planning to roll out:

  • Larger parts: This is our number one request, and we’re on the case!
  • Higher complexity geometry: We’ll enable side features and much more.
  • More materials: We’ll be offering new metals and plastics beyond our favorite 6061 aluminum.
  • More CAD systems: We want everyone to be able to use the system – stay tuned!
  • Faster turnaround: Quicker production and expedited shipping

We’d love to hear from you – if you have any questions or feature requests, drop us a line at and tell us how we can best accommodate your needs.

If you haven’t yet, sign-up for Plethora today and try it out!

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