JIT Manufacturing

Imagine a world in which you can prototype a part, undergo testing, modify your design, and have your first production batch delivery—all in less time than it takes traditional shops to produce a prototype.

That’s the world Plethora lives in.

We specialize in precision manufacturing an unbeatable turnaround times, working closely with our customers to provide a steady supply chain while reducing the risk of excess inventory.

Why worry about excess or obsolete inventory, inventory shrinkage, or your company’s ability to quickly response to changes when you can partner with Plethora to deliver everything you need, exactly when you need it?


About Plethora

At Plethora, we provide CNC Milling or CNC Turning in a wide variety of materials to fit all of your unique needs! We specialize in fast turnaround times for Just-In-Time (JIT) Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping.

If you don’t see the material you need or aren’t sure what to use for your project, please contact us and we can work with you to find the right material

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