Great Parts. By Design.

Your success depends on getting things right the first time. That's why product designers and engineers trust Plethora for everything from prototypes to production runs. We've got the tools to make your parts, as you design them, CNC-machined from dozens of available materials, and delivered in days, not weeks.

Instant Manufacturability Analysis

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Plethora's powerful software instantly analyzes your CAD files. We provide manufacturability feedback and instant pricing and delivery timelines.

Our 3D viewer makes it easy to identify trouble spots that may be challenging to machine. 

Quote multiple parts in a single session, right from your web browser. No risk, no hassle. Ready to get started? Let's look at your first part.


Tight Tolerances?

No Problem.

Unlike other large-scale CNC-machining vendors, we keep a fairly broad toolset. We want to hit your tight tolerances and complex geometries. We're constantly adding new tools to our library in order to make your parts, as you designed them. 

A Full Suite of Manufacturing Services

Plethora's Manufacturing-as-a-Service approach supports your entire product development lifecycle. From design consultation, to prototyping, through production and end-of-life fulfillment, we've got you covered. For enterprise clients, we offer designated capacity, just-in-time-delivery, quick-turn prioritization, and more. Learn more...

What Our Customers Say

Jay Davey - ZymergenCombining good, fast, and friendly customer service with a quick turnaround for parts is key to winning my business. This is why, for over three years, I keep getting parts made with Plethora. 

Jay Davey

Senior Automation Engineer

Zymergen Technologies

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