The military and defense industry holds a unique position in their need for precision CNC machined parts. High-performance military aircraft use complex parts machined out of advanced materials to withstand extreme operational conditions. Machine shops must fabricate these parts to the tightest tolerances to ensure flawless operation in their mission’s performance. Many defense systems aren’t as visible to the public but require parts machined with the same attention to detail as a Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter. Radar detection systems, for example, require their own uniquely shaped antenna parts and detailed finishes for optimal performance.

Military and defense projects are unique in their requirements and specifications and manufactured in smaller numbers. Unlike fabricating thousands of engine parts for the automobile industry, there are only a limited number of military aircraft or radar detection systems in service at one time. CNC machine shops that build parts for military and defense industry applications turn out products quickly and at the highest level of precision. They also must be ready to fabricate replacement parts just as swiftly and precisely to keep these vital systems operational at all times.

To successfully manufacture the military hardware necessary for defense requires both precision and speed, and at Plethora, we have the capabilities to fulfill both of these needs.

Air defense radars and locators of military mobile antiaircraft systems use precision CNC machined parts


CNC Machining Requirements for Military and Defense Projects

Shops producing precision CNC machined parts for military and defense adhere to exacting specifications and tolerances for the system to function safely and accurately. Machine shops must perform this work securely without the chance of compromising data or hardware. As mentioned above, speed is also paramount. Plethora breaks down those critical requirements into four categories:


The parts used in military and defense applications are often complex in design and require the highest precision in their fabrication. Machine shops need a full complement of equipment, including 5-axis, 5-axis-indexed, and 3-axis CNC mills and lathes with live tooling for this level of intricacy. Plethora uses the latest advanced software tools and proprietary software to precisely transition a customer’s CAD models into production.


Our machine shop fabricates new parts and replacements built for military and defense applications to exact specifications and tight tolerances. This attention to detail not only requires the appropriate milling equipment and tools for precision but a holistic commitment to quality. We maintain quality control with ISO 9001:2015 certification, documented processes, training, and quality control teams.


The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) has registered Plethora to work for military and defense industry projects. ITAR registration shows that the machine shop has security policies and systems to protect data and hardware from theft or corruption. It also means their customers follow the ITAR requirements to prevent any unintentional breach in security.

Rapid Prototyping

Military projects are often complex systems that take time to design and develop. When key components are not available to evaluate for form, fit, and function, the entire system design process falls off schedule. The faster a machine shop can create a reliable and precise prototype, the quicker it can go into full production. Because of this, the defense industry has come to rely on the rapid prototyping capabilities of CNC machine shops.