Plethora's approach to quality allows meets the unique needs of each of your projects. Our standard processes ensure you get great parts quickly, manufactured within our standard tolerances. For parts requiring more exacting details, we offer additional quality options and tighter tolerances.

Plethora's Quality Policy

Plethora Corporation is committed to providing our customers with superior products of the highest quality and personalized services.

Our goal through continuous improvement is to be a world class leader in the manufacturing and production of precision parts for various industries, including Medical, Aerospace, Semiconductors, Government and Military in accordance with industry, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

Embedded Quality Team

Members of our Quality Team are involved in all aspects of manufacturing, from design analysis and estimating to finishing and secondary operations.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Plethora offers First Article Inspections, including FAI in accordance with AS9102 specifications when required. We also offer Certificates of Conformance.

2D Drawings

If included with your 3D CAD file, we also review your 2D drawings to better understand your part. If any aspects are unclear, we confer with you to ensure we make parts to your specifications.

The Right Tool

We try not to constrain ourselves to a given toolset. This allows us the flexibility to find the right tool to achieve your part's unique geometries.

Clear Communication

Our reps work closely with you, taking the time to fully understand your project requirements.

Measuring the Result

Our Quality Team uses state-of-the-art equipment, like Coordinate Measuring Machines, to verify the tolerances of finished parts.

GD&T Support

Our production team supports Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in an effort to achieve your desired part geometries.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

As an ISO certified company, we're dedicated to continuous improvement. Our Quality Team helps us constantly improve our processes and procedures to make the highest quality parts.