The Factory of the Future

We’re giving the power of invention
to everyone on Earth.

why we exist

1 – Creating hardware today is time consuming and expensive.

2 – This friction constrains the development process, leading to suboptimal products and high barriers for anyone with a new idea.

3 – Smarter design tools and production processes enable more people to invent.

4 – We’re building a world where innovation is radically accelerated and everyone feels empowered to create and improve our lives.

what we do

Plethora strives to streamline product development.

We start with the design software: our CAD Add-in analyzes your model for manufacturability and price. This avoids the usual back-and-forth of quoting and feedback – letting you focus on making parts, not managing your suppliers.

After you place an order, your design files enter the Plethora Production System where our automated software converts them into the instructions our factory uses to produce and inspect your part.

We believe our “full stack” approach is the only way to truly transform the production process into an on-demand system of creation.

The Plethora Guarantee

We will make your parts to spec and ship them on-time – or your money back. We will always be direct and honest in our communications and work hard get you the best outcome.

what’s next

We started with CNC milled parts in our San Francisco factory, but that’s just the first step.

We have a big vision for the future of manufacturing and engineering. A future where engineers are able to make better designs and produce them effortlessly – with the help of powerful interfaces and flexible production technologies.

We’re always learning what’s important from our customers and quickly developing new capabilities. In the near future, look for new production processes, materials, finishing options, and much more.

Plethora will not stop until everyone on Earth has easy access to every tool they need to turn their ideas into reality. It’s going to be an exciting ride.

Flexibility and speed mean I can have exactly what I want as soon as I need it, so I can iterate much faster than before.

Joshua Schachter  /  Inventor